All Organic Products

All of our products are handmade with love & care and the best ingredients from the earth. We believe in nourishing and growing hair, naturally. We are available for in store purchase at Take Khair Beauty Supply located at 574 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6C 1A6.

  • Promotes Natural Hair Growth

    See how people took steps towards hair growth and how our product can help stimulate follicles.

  • Herbs That Thicken Hair

    Explore how others took advantage of our naturally produced products for hair thickening.

  • Detox Your Scalp

    Learn how our community detoxifies their scalp and improves the strength of their hair with our products and treatments.

Beard Oils

Unlock Beard Bliss Naturally!

Discover beard perfection with Kumasi Cosmetics' butter and oils.

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Maintain Hair

Comb with Ease!

Easily unravel knots with Kumasi Cosmetics' moisturizing products.

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Styling Gel

Natural Hair, Effortless Style

Say hello to effortless style! Kumasi Cosmetics' natural hair gel has got you covered.

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