Grow Your Hair Back

Abigail finally put the “perm broke my hair” story to rest when she started using the Grow My Hair Collection to restore the moisture back into her hair. In high school she had relaxed hair that was breaking and could not retain length which led her to go back natural in hopes of healthier hair. But, her natural hair was still dry and could not get past a certain length. In 2020 she started her Kumasi Cosmetics journey by using all the products in the bundle on a weekly basis. With consistency, patience and a positive attitude she was able to make a decent ponytail from her hair by 2021. In 2023, she returned to relaxers (aka perm) to fulfill her dream of long straight hair.

Her confidence in our products allowed her to have healthy and thick relaxed hair, something she had never had before. Today she continues to use all the products in the Grow My Hair Collection to maintain her hair health. The Fenugreek Herbal Deep Conditioner is her #1 item she contributes to thick, growing and healthy relaxed hair.



Herbs That Thicken Your Hair

Co-Founder of Kumasi Cosmetics, Sara-Lee, struggled with her hair for 17 years. In her early childhood years she had healthy, growing relaxed hair and could never relate to the “perm broke my hair story”. What led to her hair breakage was hormonal changes that led to her becoming iron deficient. The abnormal hormonal activity made menstruation difficult and led to heavy bleeding. This was an ongoing issue since 2004 that was relieved in 2021.

Prior to her medical treatment, for 6 months Sara-Lee was only using the first product Kumasi Cosmetics ever made, the Fenugreek Herbal Deep Conditioner. Her mother would deep conditioner her hair with this herbal concoction on a weekly basis. Sara-Lee had no faith and for 6 months she didn't look in the mirror at her hair. She continued to hide under wigs and was satisfied that at least her hair was being treated.

Spring 2021 she finally revealed her hair and it looked like the photo to the right in the red shirt. Sara-Lee continues to use every single product in the Kumasi Cosmetics line. Her must haves are: African Black Soap, Moisturizing Shampoo, Fenugreek Deep Conditioner and Hair Food! (all sold in Grow My Hair Collection).



Finally Meet Your Goals

Annyah had relatively manageable hair but it wouldn’t grow and it was thin. 3 months of consistent use of the Fenugreek Herbal Deep Conditioner and she finally started seeing as what she describes as “INCHES”. She now has more length and more volume and body. There’s a reason why we call it “The Beast”.



 Detox Your Scalp

Jane Doe (names have been changed as per client request), came to us with alopecia and a broken heart. She started using the Scalp Collection which is designed to use herbs to clean the scalp and all scalp infections that stunt growth and increase breakage. The patches are filling in and the hair can be caught into a small ponytail. This is realistic and inspring progress.