How to use our Products

Thank you for choosing Kumasi Cosmetics – where nature meets haircare. We're excited to guide you through each step of your hair care regimen using our specially formulated products. Here’s how to achieve the best results: 

First, select your shampoo based on your needs. To gently cleanse and remove buildup start with our Clarifying Shampoo. Alternatively, if you want to cleanse while adding moisture to the hair, select the Moisturizing Shampoo.

Clarifying Herbal Shampoo: Cleanse your hair with our Clarifying Herbal Shampoo. Pour, lather, rinse, and repeat to ensure your hair is free from buildup while maintaining its natural moisture.

Moisturizing Herbal Shampoo: Cleanse with our Moisturizing Herbal Shampoo for that extra hydration that will prevent the hair from being stripped during the washing process. Pour, lather, rinse, and repeat to lock in moisture.

Deep Conditioner: After cleansing, apply our Deep Conditioner section by section for thorough nourishment. Comb through and cover with a shower cap. Leave under a dryer for 20 minutes or let it sit for 1 hour, then rinse with cool water and apply leave-in conditioner.


Instructions on how to use Kumasi's Hair Food, Hair Drip and Scalp Rejuvinator

Hair Food: Daily, apply our Hair Food to your hair and scalp for continuous nourishment. Work it through your hair, style as desired, and enjoy strengthened, softened and revitalized hair.

Hair Drip: Add a finishing touch with our Hair Drip. Apply to your scalp and hair, massage it in, and style as desired. Perfect for that extra gloss and frizz control. Can be used twice a week. 

Scalp Rejuvenator: Address scalp concerns with our invigorating Scalp Rejuvenator. Massage into your scalp and hairline, feeling the tingling sensation as it works to refresh and restore.


Edge Filler: Strengthen your hairline with our Edge Filler. Apply a dime-sized amount and massage into your hairline for 3-5 minutes to promote growth and fullness.

Xtreme Scalp Drip: Apply directly to your scalp and gently massage it in. This product is designed for use on a clean scalp to maintain healthy hair conditions.

Flaxseed Curly Duo: Section your hair and apply our Natural Styling Gel, working it through the strands with your fingers to ensure even distribution. Style your hair as desired. For refreshing curls, spritz Curl Renew on dry, frizzy curls and work it through your hair.
Download Full PDF Here: How To Use KumasiCosmetics