We are Kumasi Cosmetics.

A haircare company based in Toronto.
 Our mission is to help people of all hair types and textures overcome their hair issues and to help them to achieve healthy hair. We only work with natural ingredients that stimulate hair growth, clean the scalp, thicken the strands and promote moisture. Our products are handmade using herbs and oils from Africa and Asia. Kumasi Cosmetics is self esteem in a bottle.

Meet The Owners

Left to right is Sara-Lee (Operations), Jackie (CEO/ Creator), and Samantha (Marketing)

We are a family owned and operated business. All of our products are handmade with natural herbs and oils designed to help all hair types become softer, longer, thicker and for those with curls for them to become defined.

Initially, Jackie created the products to help regain moisture in her own hair as she had undergone a chemical process that left her hair coarse and dry. During that same period her eldest daughter, Sara-Lee, had an ongoing illness that depleted her iron which left her hair and hairline thin and short. Samantha, the youngest daughter generally had the healthiest hair among the trio but after experimenting with bleach and dyes on top of relaxed hair, she too had started to ruin her tresses.

After successful and rapid results from all three of us, we decided to share our products with family and friends. From there the demand for Kumasi Cosmetics grew after customers shared their jaw dropping testimonials of hair growth and softness. 

Even when your hair is repaired and meets your goals, the real secret is YOU.

Your confidence is what will change your life.

You are beautiful and you are everything.

You are the face of Kumasi Cosmetics.