Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products sold in store?

  • Yes, we are available in store Take Khair Beauty Supply located at 574 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6C 1A6. The following products are not sold in store and only available online are: Leave In Conditioner and Beard Conditioner

What is your current refund policy?

All sales are FINAL.



Why is my hair so dry?

  • Because it lacks hydration and moisture. Hair needs to be deep conditioned on a weekly basis to help the hair become softer.

Can chemically processed hair use your products?

  • We HIGHLY recommend hair that is chemically treated to use our products as they will help to fortify the hair as you continue to undergo these processes. The Fenugreek Herbal Deep Conditioner and Clarifying Shampoo are essential items for hair that is chemically treated. Please note: relaxed hair should use the Fenugreek Herbal Deep Conditioner first followed by the Clarifying Shampoo to eliminate excess moisture build up.

My hair is short, dry and breaking, where do I start?

  • We highly recommend The Grow My Hair Collection. This bundle provides everything that the hair needs on wash day. It includes the African Black Soap Moisturizing Shampoo, Fenugreek Herbal Deep Conditioner, Hair Food and Hair Drip.

How often should I wash my hair?

  • We recommend curly and coily hair types to wash their hair on a weekly basis. Straight hair types we recommend every 3 days as it allows the sebum to run down the hair strands. This moisture build up is nourishing to the hair and will prevent breakage.



Which one of your products grows hair the fastest?

  • Fenugreek Herbal Deep Conditioner because it contains potent herbs and Shea Butter that are designed to nourish the scalp while making the hair softer. This will accelerate growth and help you to maintain length. This product is to be refrigerated.

What is the difference between your Moisturizing shampoo and Clarifying shampoo?

  • Our African Black Soap Moisturizing Shampoo is designed to cleanse the hair while adding moisture. Our Clarifying Shampoo uses specific herbs that cleanses the hair to remove the moisture build up, eliminate dirt from strands and scalp while nourishing and not stripping the hair. 

    Which products work best on straight hair?

    • Clarifying Shampoo, Fenugreek Herbal Deep Conditioner and Hair Drip. Straight hair types are to use our products on the REVERSE. Apply the Fenugreek Herbal Deep Conditioner FIRST, after rinsing the deep conditioner, apply the Clarifying Shampoo. The Hair Drip ( oil) can be used as a hot oil treatment on a weekly basis.

    Which products work best on alopecia and scalp issues?

    • The Scalp Collection as it is designed for people who have scalp issues.

      Why do I need to refrigerate the Fenugreek Deep Conditioner and the Leave In Conditioner?

      • The Fenugreek Deep Conditioner and Leave In Conditioner are herbal and are slightly preserved. We do this to maintain its naturalness. The slight preservation is in the event you forget to refrigerate it and leave it out for a day or 2 (do not panic).